5 Favorite Dining Rooms to enjoy Thanksgiving

12 Unique Dining Rooms to host your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day where tradition and custom holds true for many families. As the heavenly aroma of turkey wafts through the house and glistening cranberry sauce is placed on a beautifully set table, one reminisces about Thanksgivings past and remembers the importance of the day.

Whether you celebrate at a large gathering with relatives or a more intimate dinner with loved ones, there is something unique about everyone’s celebration. Even for those of us who have that crazy uncle who wants to talk politics or the aunt who burned the green bean casserole, those memories are part of what makes the day special. What binds our Thanksgivings together is the moment when everyone comes together around the dining room table to give thanks (and overindulge!)

Dining rooms come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Here are our 12 favorites!

12 Unique Dining Rooms to Host Thanksgiving

  • This dining room overlooks the beautiful Osterville waterfront