Robert Paul Properties Sells the “Summer White House”

Robert Paul Properties recently completed the sale of 39 Juniper Point Road, a waterfront Woods Hole Victorian, for 4 million dollars. 

This sale, the highest so far in Woods Hole for 2018, was successfully brokered by our co-CEO Paul Grover and Realtor Barbara Hussey.

Summer White House

Nicknamed the “Summer White House” by the Boston Post in 1920, this home, known locally as the Charles Crane Estate, was where President Woodrow Wilson was scheduled to spend his summer. The trip never did happen (due to objections by the president’s Secret Service).

The home boasts panoramic views, ten bedrooms, and a four-story tower.

Summer White House

“There is nothing like it,” explained Hussey. “A quintessential Cape Cod turn of the century home with commanding views out over Woods Hole waterways makes the house seem like a castle on the hill.”