Easy Fixes before listing your home

5 Easy Fixes before listing your home

The busy spring real estate market is fast approaching which means many will choose to list their homes. As you prepare for that moment, our agents offer you five easy fixes before listing your home. Remember that you are selling a home not a project, and anything that can be done prior to listing will only serve to help you.

5 Easy Fixes before listing your home

#1. Brighten up the homeeasy fixes before listing your home - use higher watt light bulbs

Marion agent Judy Hagan suggests putting 100 watt bulbs in all light fixtures and painting the front door. To maximize brightness and decor, apply a fresh coat of paint and put out fresh flowers or add live greenery. If a buyer feels the warmth they will immediately feel at home.

Marion agent Cassy West recommends getting rid of  “those ugly spiral fluorescent bulbs” and replacing with new LED bulbs that are brighter and use less electricity.

#2. Make sure the view is spotlesseasy fixes before listing your home - spotless windows

An easy fix recommended by Osterville agent Kathy Deerman is to take out all of the screens and clean both the screens and windows, inside and out. This will help interested buyers see how well natural light filters into the home, properly show off any views you have, and reduce the feel of a home’s age.

#3. Clean up all the clutter to create an open spaceeasy fixes before listing your home - clear the clutter

Chatham agent Tony Guthrie notes that nobody wants to see your stuff. It is a roadblock to potential buyers making it harder for the to see their own items in the house.

Once you have your home down to just the essentials, Osterville agent Christine Frisbee also suggests moving furniture into a pattern that opens up the home’s flow, so it is not blocking easy movement throughout the house.

Marion agent Cassy West recommends the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – The Japanese Art of Organizing and DeCluttering by Marie Kondo which she says will change your life. “Decluttering will give your home a fresh look and increase your chances of getting an offer.”

#4. Beware of falling handleseasy fixes before listing your home - tighten handles & knobs

A sure sign of wear and tear are loose door knobs and cabinet handles. Cambridge agent James Park recommends making sure you tighten all knobs and handles in the home. You never know what a buyer may try to open and this quick-and-easy step can prove helpful.

#5. Wow them from the moment they pull up.easy fixes before listing your home - curb appeal

Curb appeal is extremely important to a new listing. Fixes including trimming bushes away from the foundation, laying down fresh mulch, and adding flowers to a pot or window box. Marion agent Cassy West suggests pansies, “They are the perfect spring flower, can tolerate cold weather and are available at most garden centers.”

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