What’s My Home Worth?

Many homeowners can tell you how much they paid for their home and how much they pay monthly on their mortgage. But fewer know the actual value of their home. Whether considering¬†selling, downsizing, trading up or just planning for the future, your home’s value is a key piece of your financial portfolio.

As we approach the New Year and homeowners consider potential plans for 2018, knowing your home’s value becomes all the more important.¬†For those not considering selling, knowing your home’s value is still essential for insurance purposes, refinancing and piece of mind.

More than just square footagehome worth

The value of your home is more intricate than simply basing off of square footage or number of bedrooms. Factors that go into the value of your home include the location and neighborhood, age of the home, condition of the home and the market.

Find out what YOUR home is worth!

home worth

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While our online estimates are a great tool, they only take you only so far. For a personalized¬†custom analysis of your home’s value, contact an agent today.