What Your Door Color Says About You

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a home by its front door? Whether you are looking to stand out in a sellers’ market or you are just thinking of doing a little entry way update, the color of your door can tell buyers and guests a lot about your house, and even your personality as a homeowner. We did some research and found the following:


Blue door on 134 Shore Drive West

Light blue and turquoise have really picked up in terms of a trending door color. For homes that have a light and bright exterior, the blue door really pops!  According to SouthernLiving.com, a blue door portrays a homeowner as hopeful, positive and popular among their peers.


Lavender and deep purple shades have been linked to sophistication and adventurous personalities. This can be a beautiful entry color for your home, but be mindful as this can be a tough color to harmonize. The best way to get an idea of how it would look with your other home features is to swatch and compare shades before committing.


Red Door 30 Belleue Ave

As you drive around, you may be seeing red on more and more on front doors. Red is bold and promotes a sense of invitation to guests. Typically those who go for red doors are extroverted, entertainers who like having their home stand out in the neighborhood.


Yellow Door 47 Winthrop

This vibrant color can present a home as modern and stylish. Yellow usually does the best as an accent color that can be used with a darker toned exterior. Though according to realtor.com, having too much yellow has been linked to causing thoughts of irrationality and anxiety.


Green Door 14 Lake Shore Drive

Green is considered a calming color that can be very versatile for a home’s exterior. Green emulates a feeling of health, wealth and safety and can show correlations to a more earthy and  natural feel according to windowworld.com


White Door 48 Oyster Way

A white door usually works best with a white exterior, having the home keep a clean and multifaceted look. This can imply that the home is clean and organized, but without the right balance of accents it can also feel sterile and even a little boring. So add that potted plant or colorful wreath to create a unique look!

Black/ Grey:

Black Door 181 Daniels Island Road

Black has been seen to have the greatest response in both the sellers’ market and by home owners. Black is seen as timeless and modern but also presents a bit of mystery. In a report by HomeAdvisor, they found that having a black door can increase the re-sale value of your home by as much as $6k! People love the elegance of a black door, and it immediately draws eyes to the entryway of a house – leaving onlookers curious to what is behind it.

Your front door is the last barrier between the outside world and comfort of your own home. It is easy to change up the exterior look and feel of your house with just the simple switch of a door color. Once you find a good match, people will take notice no matter what color you go with!