Robert Paul Cambridge Cycling Guide

Robert Paul’s Guide to Cycling in Cambridge

As a progressive city, cycling is one of the preferred modes of transportation in Cambridge, and for good reason. Hopping on your bike and going for a ride along the Charles is simple fun, but there are plenty of more reasons to cycle around here. With one of the best biking infrastructures in the country, we’ve put together an extensive Guide to Cycling in Cambridge.

Robert Paul’s Guide to Cycling in Cambridge

Guide to Cycling in Cambridge

In this guide, you’ll find an assortment of topics and recommendations, ranging from bike routes and the rules of the road to choosing the right bike for you. But first, here are just a few of our favorite reasons to pedal about town.

Boost Your Fitness Level

The first and most obvious benefit is the healthy lifestyle that cycling promotes. When you bike to and from work, you don’t have hustle to the gym at the end of the day to get your exercise in.

Make the Planet Greener

Studies from Copenhagen (the gold standard of city cycling) suggest that when you travel by bike instead of car, you’re saving 3.5 pounds of CO2 emissions every 6 miles. What’s not to love about that?

Save Money on Your Commute

Cycling saves money for both you and the city. Commuting by bike allows you to forgo the cost of gas, parking, and general maintenance (as well as lowers long-term healthcare costs), while the city benefits from reduced congestion and roadway repair costs.

Connect with the Community

While urbanization continues to increase across the globe, promoting and investing in bicycling is an easy and enjoyable way to improve our community. If you’re looking to get involved and meet other like-minded cyclists, the Bow Tie Ride on Sunday, September 25 promises great fun for all ages. On this 13-mile ride through Cambridge, you’ll notice that the city is shaped like a bow tie (check it out on a map!). Riders make the most of this event by sporting all manner of bow ties from elegant to enormous.

Cambridge Cycling Resources

As a city of innovators, we’re proud to see Cambridge pedaling full speed ahead and hope that our Cycling Guide proves useful to all Cantabrigians.

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