Robert Paul Boston & Cambridge Theatre Guide

Robert Paul’s Boston and Cambridge Theatre Guide

Boston is renowned for its championship sports teams, its booming startup economy, and the distinctive architecture of its neighborhoods. But did you know that the Boston area is also a thriving hub for theatre?

Theatre has the power to captivate and thrill the senses. It happens right in front of you—sometimes just feet away. Every performance is a new experience for both the audience and the actors.

Today, there’s no dress code at the theatre. And there’s no particular age for becoming a theatergoer. You can dress up or down. You might be a young professional or an empty nester or anywhere in between. If you’re touched by stories—or spectacle—or plot twists and turns—all created before your eyes—you belong in a theatre.

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To help you discover Boston and Cambridge theatres, start by taking our theatre quiz. Then explore our exclusive Robert Paul Boston and Cambridge Theatre Guide. Organized by neighborhood, each part of the guide is linked to listings for Boston luxury condos or Cambridge full-service buildings.

Today, many of the most acclaimed shows on Broadway were first seen on Boston stages, especially at the American Repertory Theatre in Harvard Square.

The ART is one of the dominant theatres in the Boston area. The other is the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston. Both are nationally known for their work.

But theatre in Boston and Cambridge goes beyond the ART and the Huntington. Key players include ArtsEmerson, SpeakEasy Stage Company, Company One Theatre, and the Lyric Stage Company of Boston.

Whether large or small, each theatre company in Boston and Cambridge adds to the vibrancy of Boston’s arts scene. And each one operates in a neighborhood where you might live or aspire to live.

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