Pool-Side Staging: Maximizing Outdoor Space

Pools are at the top of many buyers must-have lists. For those who live near the water and in vacation destinations, pools can act as a private oasis away from the busier downtown and public beaches.  Our agents have shared their suggestions for ways to best stage your pool and outdoor space. 

Importance of Staging

Staging your home has innumerable benefits when preparing to list. A report from the National Association of Realtors found that 77% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. While the most commonly staged rooms include the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and dining room, owners should not forget the importance of outdoor staging.

Tips for Pool-Side Staging

#1. Add something colorful and vertical

Provincetown Agent Scott Powell recommends adding an umbrella, dynamic pottery, or a potted tree to add a burst of color. “A pool is so horizontal that it needs another element to add punch,” Powell added.

#2. Be sure to showcase the view

If your pool has the added bonus of a phenomenal view be sure to emphasize that in your pictures. Robert Paul’s co-CEO Robert Kinlin suggests placing furniture in a spot that gets the pool, furniture and view all-in-one clear shot. “Buyers do their homework before actually coming to the home. Be sure you show them the best possible usage of the space,” added Kinlin.

#3. Deep-clean the pool

Imagine looking through the bay windows of a living room and seeing a pool filled with leaves or dirt. Very off-putting to potential buyers who might envision that the pool is more work that it’s worth. We recommend giving the pool a good clean to add that crystal-clear view for potential buyers. Hire a professional, if needed, to clean before open houses or showings and that will go a long way.

#4. Invest in new furniture

Three mismatched plastic chairs may serve the purpose for your family but won’t look appealing to buyers. Invest in durable, nice-looking furniture to liven up the area and make it look more hospitable. Be sure to add a splash of color. Nobody wants all gray!

#5. Take photos at dusk for great light

Once the staging is complete, it is time to take beautiful photos for buyers to see! The mid-day light can be too bright and harsh. Scott Powell recommends shooting at dusk for the perfect landscape lighting and the perfect romance shot.



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