Celebrating National Dog Day – Making your Home Dog-friendly

Moving can be a big change for everyone in the family – including your pets. As we celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th, let’s talk about making a dog-friendly home your furry friend can enjoy. Making your home dog-friendly involves creating a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable environment for your 4-legged friend. Here are some steps to help you achieve that:

Safety First

First and foremost we want to keep our pets safe as they are adjusting to their new spaces. We know moving to a new home is exciting and can come with a lot of new décor, floral arrangements, and cleaning to make your home exactly the way that you want it, as you are doing so, just be sure that keep these things in mind:

  • Remove or secure any hazards such as toxic plants, small objects that can be swallowed, electrical cords, and sharp objects
  • Install baby gates to restrict access to certain areas
  • Use pet-friendly cleaning products to ensure your dog isn’t exposed to harmful chemicals


Comfortable Sleeping Area

A new home with new spaces lends the opportunity to have a relaxation space for your dog. You can have this be just a bed, or if you have the room, have fun with it and make it a puppy’s palace! Whatever you choose, remember these tips:

  • Provide a cozy bed or crate for your dog to sleep in (there are some really stylish options out there that can go right along with you décor)
  • Place the bed in a quiet corner that can be dimmed of light where they can rest undisturbed


Access to Water and Food:

Dogs love their food and water bowls. It’s their time to enjoy their meals and nourish their bodies. Having a designated space for their food and water bowls can make them feel comfortable as they are eating and drinking:

  • Set up a designated area for your dog’s food and water bowls
  • Pay attention to if your dog prefers bowls on the floor or a raised bowl station (it can be important for digestion)
  • Place a waterproof mat underneath the bowl area to protect the floors from water damage
  • Ensure that fresh water is always available


Dog-Proof Furniture:

We all know that dogs can get a case of Zoomies at any moment in time. That is why it is important to keep your furniture and floors protected from their sudden bursts of energy:

  • Consider using slipcovers or protective blankets to prevent damage to furniture from scratching or shedding
  • Train your dog not to jump onto furniture if you prefer them to stay off
  • Use carpets and rugs to cover sensitive flooring types, such as hardwood


Chew Toys and Entertainment:

Protect your home from your dog’s urge to chew. Moving can cause the dog to feel anxious which may make them want to chew on things they wouldn’t before. Here are some tips to make sure their teeth stay on their toys.

  • Provide a variety of safe and durable chew toys to keep your dog mentally stimulated and occupied
  • Rotate toys to prevent boredom
  • Leave the dog in a crate when they are unsupervised until they get used to the new space
  • Keep shoes and other items that can be cast about the floor in a closet or higher area


Grooming Station:

To prevent loose hair and scratching of furniture and floors, remember to groom your dog regularly. Whether your style is a trendy groomer or a backyard bath, either works great for your home and for your pet.

  • Designate an area for grooming, brushing, and nail trimming
  • Keep grooming supplies handy


Secure Fencing and Outdoor Space:

Having a space where your dog can explore, exert energy and relax is important to their health and mental state. If you have a large outdoor space, consider fencing it in so they dog can roam free. If you have a space that is not able to be fenced, get creative. Make a space that allows the dog to feel free and relaxed. Some more tips are:

  • Take regular walks or let them out at consistent times so they get used to their new yard/ neighborhood
  • Create a dog-friendly outdoor space with plenty of shade, water, and safe toys


Pet-Friendly Decor:

Keep your home looking new and fresh with some pet-friendly décor. Using materials in home that don’t scratch easily, paint that is hard to scuff and furniture that is durable:

  • Choose pet-friendly materials for flooring and furniture that are easy to clean and durable
  • Use wall-mounted shelves to keep items out of reach
  • Have a place where you can keep their toys (nice baskets, containers and drawers)


Veterinary Care:

Set up a designated area for storing pet-related documents, such as vaccination records and medication information and find a veterinarian near your home:

  • Have a place where you can list the vet contact numbers so it is easy to find them when needed
  • Keep files in a folder or cabinet so everything is in one place, and you can refer to it as needed
  • Depending on the area in which you move, be aware of wildlife as well as insects that can be harmful to your pet (ticks, mosquitos, etc.)

Remember that every dog is unique, so tailor your home’s setup to your dog’s individual needs and preferences. Regularly assess their environment to ensure it remains safe and comfortable as they grow and change.