Increase your Homes Value with these Tips

Increasing your home’s value before selling it involves a combination of strategic upgrades, repairs, and improvements that can make your property more appealing to potential buyers. We know trying to do this can feel overwhelming and timely – but we are here to help, giving you some ways you can increase your home’s value gradually Here are several ways to boost your home’s value:

Curb Appeal:

The exterior of the home is the first thing that potential homebuyers are going to see. Think of it as a first impression. Many of us focus on the inside of the home but it is important to keep up with updates to the outside. Manicured lawns and fresh-looking paint can be the secret to standing out in the market.

  • Enhance landscaping by mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, and planting flowers
  • Repaint the exterior or touch-up areas that show signs of wear
  • Upgrade the front door and hardware to give it a modern, trendy feel


Interior Home Updates:

Once the potential homebuyers walk through your new, updated exterior, the next thing they will look for is a homey interior. Homebuyers are going to be picturing themselves in your home to see if it will be a nice fit. Some ways to make that easier for them are:

  • Paint walls in neutral, appealing colors to create a clean canvas for buyers
  • Replace outdated fixtures, such as lighting, faucets, and cabinet hardware
  • Repair any visible cracks, holes, or other imperfections on walls and ceilings


Kitchen Improvements:

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Fifty-five percent of consumers recently surveyed said that a good kitchen could convince them to buy a home they otherwise wouldn’t. This stat should tell you that to many the kitchen could be considered the most important part of the home. A few ways that you can easily upgrade your kitchen are:

  • Consider updating appliances to more modern and energy-efficient models
  • Refinish or replace cabinets and countertops if they’re outdated or worn
  • Add a fresh coat of paint or install a backsplash for a stylish touch


Flooring Enhancements:

Homebuyers will associate their flooring with their way of life – for example, a dog owner might look at durability whereas a family with young children might look at how easy the floor is to clean. Some ways you can ensure that the flooring works for all:

  • Replace worn carpet with hardwood, laminate, or high-quality vinyl flooring
  • Refinish hardwood floors if they’re in good condition but need a refresh
  • Make sure baseboards and floor moldings are thoroughly cleaned


Smart Home Features:

People love a smart home. Having smart home features can present the idea that buying your home will actually make their lives easier.  Even the smallest smart home features will take your home to the next level:

  • Integrate smart thermostats, doorbell cameras, and security systems.
  • Smart lighting and home automation can also be attractive selling points.


Finishing the Basement or Attic:

You have the space, now is the time to put it to good use. Creating an additional living space for the potential homebuyer could be the difference in offering price/ or to buy. You can take refinishing all the way or you can make some minor updates to portray the potential of the space. Converting unfinished spaces into functional rooms can significantly increase your home’s value.

  • Add a couch, floor games, a rug to make it more inviting
  • Add storage spaces that are appealing – shelving, drawers, etc.


 Outdoor Living Space:

Consider adding a deck, patio, or screened porch to extend usable outdoor space. The more places to entertain the better. This can help the buyer picture their outdoor activities in the yard. If you don’t have a spacious outdoor area, add some designated places to gather:

  • Update your outdoor furniture
  • Make sure spaces are pressure-washed and cleaned
  • Create an ambiance with lighting and décor

Research local real estate trends and consult with a real estate agent to understand what features are most appealing to buyers in your area. Reach out to one of our expert agents at

Remember, the key is to balance the cost of improvements with the potential increase in your home’s value. Focus on updates that are likely to have the most impact and appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.