Good Neighbor Day

8 Ways to Celebrate Good Neighbor Day

Neighbors. Whether we love them or dislike them, we all have them. Today is the day that you step out from the occasional front porch wave or soft smile in passing during your running route and do something special for your neighbor(s). Whether it is a baked good taken next store or a handwritten ‘thank you’ to the mailman, it’s time to spread that neighborly love. Need some ideas to give back to your neighborhood? Don’t worry, we are here to help:

Share Some produce from your garden

This is the time where our gardens are overflowing with our freshly planted tomatoes and zucchinis. Take the excess veggies over to your neighbor so they can enjoy them in their next meal!

Do a favor for your elderly neighbor

Whether it be a quick trip to the grocery store or a lawn trimming, offer to help them with a strenuous task, maybe they will share some of their neighborly wisdom with you in return.

Leave a flower

A simple thing, could make someone’s day! Buy a bouquet, and spread the beauty around on all the doorsteps in the neighborhood.

Organize a neighborhood event

Haven’t had a neighborhood social outing in a while? Organize a cookout, potluck, block party, etc. This will give you an excuse to catch up with your neighbors you haven’t seen in a bit.

Pick up trash/ landscape the neighborhood common areas

Leave your neighborhood looking great with a quick trash pickup or some landscaping. Neighbors will notice your efforts and will hopefully be inspired to do the same!

Offer a carpool

If you and your neighbor’s to-do list and favorite stores align, offer to drive! Whether it is a one-time trip to the hardware store or an organized schedule for school drop-off, your neighbors will appreciate the gesture and it could make both of your days less hectic.

Make your renowned macaroni salad

People love food! Make that dish you have gotten down and share it with your neighbors. This neighborly action has withstood the test of time so if you want to stick to the basics, you can absolutely do so.

Outside of your family and co-workers, your neighbors see the most of you. Whether you’re best friends or stark acquaintances, you do have one thing in common – community. There is truly no place like home, so let’s make the ones who surround it are happy, leaving your neighborhood the best place to be. Sound impossible? No worries, it just might be the time for a new place with some new neighbors- and we can help with that. Happy Good Neighbor Day!