4 Ways To Customize Your White Kitchen

All-white kitchens complement any décor but can be seen as unlively when there’s no focal point. Having a white kitchen can serve as a blank canvas that allows for pops of color and patterns that match your unique style, while also giving you the option to recreate your living space as you see fit. These simple additions can help your style shine through:

Wall Art

Finally, a place where your most beloved paintings and pieces don’t have to complete. Hanging art on white walls allows for a clean and sophisticated look that doesn’t get cluttered with wall colors and designs.

Pops of Color

Easy, versatile pops of color will help to set the tone of your kitchen space, whether you prefer stainless metals, fresh, bright, cookware or neutral, warm tones of wood – you can add and subtract pallets that speak to you.

Textured Elements

Bring in style that you can feel with adding texture to different elements of your kitchen. From upholstered seating, and uniquely curated backsplashes to simple touches of movement in your curtains and blinds, you have options to bring the texture!

Accent Wall

As a natural reflective color, the white in your kitchen will brighten your living space. This gives the option for great paint accents that will give your room warmth and personality. Choose a subtle, cohesive tone such as Grey Cashmere or make a statement with high contrast colors such as Aegean Teal. Keep in mind these colors do not need to stay on the walls-you can use accent colors on your upper and lower cabinets or your Island as well!

With a white kitchen, you can create something special. A simple change may be all that you need to bring your vision to life!