Getting to Know: Cambridge Realtor Tara Spitzen

Tara Spitzen

Tara Spitzen

Today we had the opportunity to learn more about one of Robert Paul Properties newest agents, Tara Spitzen. Tara is joining us in our recently opened Cambridge office and is a member of the Bri Grady Real Estate Team.

Q. Tara. You have entered the real estate industry after majoring in Psychology at college. I’m really interested in your perception of the emotional challenges that people experience when they are buying or selling a home.

A. To me, the worst outcome for my client in a multiple bid would be regret. I want my clients to know they did all they reasonably could within their financial constraints. Of course, when we are submitting a bid, no one knows what other offers are being made. I like to ask my clients this, “If in six weeks this property closes for $10,000 dollars more than you offered, are you going to kick yourself?” Conversely, I ask my clients, “If you buy this property and find out that the next highest bid was $10,000 less with the same financing, how would you feel?”
One aspect of protecting my sellers is helping the other side remain calm and satisfied while making sure that my clients meet their real estate goals. Minimal stress for the buyer means a smooth transaction for my seller!

Q.You are a business partner in the Bri Grady team. Can you tell me about the advantages a team approach brings to best serving your clients?

A. Bri and I are both very hands-on people. We take great pride in our work, and our clients are very important to us. With us, you have two agents contributing to pricing strategies, two agents with whom to bounce around ideas when preparing to submit a bid, two agents making your property look even better than you knew it could. All teams work differently. We are both very available to our clients, and we keep in frequent communication with each other. If a client starts working primarily with one of us, that agent maintains a consistent relationship with the client throughout the process. For us, a team member is an addition, not a replacement. We also genuinely enjoy working together. We have a lot of fun with our clients!

Q. There has been very limited housing inventory in Cambridge and Somerville for the last several years.  What do you advise your buyers to do to win a competitive bid for a home they want to purchase?  

After discussing the value of the property, I help buyers strategize about their offers. How will this offer make the seller feel protected? I help them figure out what they can do to assure the sellers that they are serious, qualified, and committed. We think creatively and come up with solutions.

Q. As a young, smart and very energetic person, when you are not putting deals together, what do you love to do?

A. One of my favorite qualities of Cambridge is its wonderful intermingling of science and art. I studied writing, especially poetry, extensively. I have participated in workshops and conferences both here and abroad, and little compares to the rich literary landscape of Cambridge. I also work several hours a week as a research assistant in a Harvard psychology lab and participate in fundraising activities related to the lab’s subject matter. But I always make time to enjoy the excellent bars and restaurants in Cambridge and Somerville. Let’s just say that I don’t spend a lot of time at home.

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