Ruck4Hit Cape Cod

Cape Cod Relay Race for PTSD

As you stroll along Cape Cod streets in the first weekend of May, you may encounter a team of runners carrying large rucksacks. The runners are part of Ruck4HIT Cape Cod, a relay race to raise awareness and funds for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Ruck4HIT Cape Cod

relay race for PTSD

Danielle Delaney (left) with two of her relay partners and their rucksacks.

The race is comprised of twelve teams of seven runners who will run over 220 miles in relay format and pass through all 15 towns on Cape Cod.

The Ruck4HIT event was created in collaboration with supporters, local veterans and those currently serving to raise awareness and funding for Heroes In Transition, Inc. and its PTSD programs. The event, so far, has raised nearly $80,000.

cape cod relay for PTSD

Danielle with other Ruck4HIT participants

All of the runners will runs roughly 32 miles while carrying a 20 to 30 pound rucksack. The race, which begins on midnight May 5th, goes through Saturday May 6th. This is the second year of the event. Last year’s run went from Ground Zero to Cape Cod.

Robert Paul is proud of our Dennis agent, Danielle Delaney, who is boldly taking part in the race and has already raised over $1,200 for the effort. Danielle has been busy training for the race (in addition to her work selling homes!) and is excited for the run.

How you can help

To donate to Danielle’s effort, please visit her page. To learn more about the race and about Heroes in Transition, visit here.

Good luck to Danielle and all the runners!