5 Activities to Kickoff Spring

Spring is a season of renewal and rejuvenation, offering many opportunities to embrace the outdoors and revitalize our surroundings. Lets embark on a journey to take advantage of the warmer days ahead!

1.Elevate Your Garden’s Potential

Enhance your garden’s potential with the benefits of mulching. Beyond improving your property’s visual appeal, mulching reduces weed growth, stabilizes soil, conserves water, and enhances plant health.

Many overlook the insulating properties of mulch, making the moderate temperatures of Spring the ideal times to apply a fresh layer. Additionally, mulch serves as a powerful water conservation tool, blocking sunlight to keep soil cooler while allowing for efficient irrigation, resulting in reduced moisture evaporation by 10 to 50 percent.

Person mulching their garden

Studies have shown a significant reduction in weed management time with proper mulch application. When combined with herbicides, mulching can virtually eliminate the need for weeding.

Another often underestimated benefit of mulch is its impact on soil temperatures. By regulating temperatures around plant roots, mulch keeps soil cooler on warm days and warmer on cold nights, crucial during rapid temperature changes. Consider harnessing the power of mulch to unlock your garden’s full potential.

2.Take a Hike!

What better way to kickstart Spring than by stepping outside and inhaling the rejuvenating fresh air? Hiking stands out as a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the glorious Spring weather while also reaping the benefits of physical activity. Mother and sons taking a hike Regardless of the type of trail you choose, hiking offers a comprehensive full-body workout, engaging muscles from head to toe. Some of the advantages of hiking include: 

  • building stronger muscles and bones
  • enhancing balance
  • promoting heart health
  • reducing the risk of respiratory issues
  • improving sleep quality
  • boosting mood and mental health

Whether you’re scaling a steep incline or strolling along a meandering dirt path, hiking provides the perfect opportunity to exercise and relish the beauty of Spring. Discover your next favorite trail on the Robert Paul Properties’ Lifestyle Page: Trail Life

3.Visit a Brewery

As temperatures rise and daylight stretches into the evening hours, many breweries open up their outdoor seating areas. Whether it’s a spacious beer garden, a cozy patio, or a rooftop terrace with panoramic views, outdoor seating allows you to soak up the sunshine and savor your favorite brews. Take advantage of the fresh air and welcoming ambiance as you connect with friends and fellow beer enthusiasts.Bartender pouring a beerTry out these breweries from the Cape to Boston!

Cape Cod:

Treehouse, Sandwich Grab beer to go or enjoy beautiful views located in the charming and historic Town of Sandwich.

South Coast: 

Cisco, New Bedford Live music during the summer, five outdoor bars, food trucks, an outdoor BBQ smoke pit, and a comprehensive restaurant known as Cisco Kitchen & Bar. Adding to its allure, Cisco Kitchen & Bar features two patios and a rooftop bar. 

South Shore:

Untold, Plymouth and Scituate Crafting pristine, top-tier ales and lagers spanning a diverse array of styles that mirror the seasons, their coastal locale, and rich heritage.


Trillium, Boston  With multiple distinctive offerings presented annually, Trillium finds gratification in the variety and extensive range of beers, seltzers, and wines that they bring forth.

4.Make a trip to Fenway

Fenway Park, nestled in the heart of Boston, stands as a timeless symbol of baseball history and tradition. Since opening its gates in 1912, Fenway has become an iconic landmark, beloved by fans and players alike. As Spring arrives, so does the baseball season! Fans eagerly await the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and the smell of peanuts and hot dogs wafting through the air.Sunny day at Fenway ParkWhether you’re sitting in the bleachers or enjoying a cold beverage in the stands, Fenway Park offers an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages.

5.Start your Spring Cleaning by Tackling & Managing Dust

With the arrival of sunshine and warmer temperatures, Spring brings along the nuisance of allergies. Combatting intense allergy symptoms can be aided by a crucial step in your Spring cleaning routine: dusting your home. No matter how diligent you are, dust seems to accumulate in every corner of the house.

Our Spring Cleaning Tip: When tackling dusting, start from the highest points in the room and work your way down, ensuring to vacuum up the settled dust on the floor. 

Here are some additional tips to prevent dust buildup as Spring progresses:

  • 1. Fiber Doormats: Place fiber doormats both outside and inside your front door to minimize dust entering your home.
  • 2. Indoor Plants: Position houseplants near windows to help trap dust particles that enter your home. Opt for plants with hairy or crinkly leaves as they tend to catch more dust.
  • 3. Regular Air Filter Changes: Whether you use a central heating and cooling system or window units, make it a habit to change your appliances’ air filters every three months. Thishelps reduce the amount of dust circulating in your house.
  • 4. Invest in an Air Purifier: While it may not completely eliminate dust, an air purifier can significantly reduce contaminants in your home’s atmosphere, including dust. This can help minimize the amount of dust settling in your living space.Person dusting their table top

As we embrace the arrival of Spring, there are numerous ways to enhance our enjoyment of the season and make the most of its offerings. From elevating our gardens to embarking on invigorating hikes there are activities to suit every preference and mood.