Welcome to the 10 Million Dollar Club

To constantly improve and best serve our clients, each year we gather our most successful agents and utilize their insights and vision to help guide Robert Paul Properties’ marketing, services and trajectory for the coming year. The success of one becomes the success of many. This is our 10 Million Dollar Club and everyone at Robert Paul applauds their achievements and looks forward to a strong 2018!

Welcome New Members

In 2018, we are pleased to welcome three new members to the 10 Million Dollar Club: Helene Case, Lynn O’Neill and Bri Grady

They have all had fantastic years providing unmatched real estate service and advice to their valued clients and we look forward to their unique insight and vision as we move forward.

10 Million Dollar Club10 Million Dollar Club10 Million Dollar Club

10 Million Dollar Club – 2018

Barbara Hussey, Falmouth Office
Helene Case, Chatham Office
Kathy Deerman, Osterville Office
Tony Guthrie, Chatham Office
Sharon Mabile, Chatham Office
Cindy Houlihan, Osterville Office
Bill Salas, Osterville Office
Lynn O’Neill, Falmouth Office
Kathleen S, Byrne, Osterville Office
Fran Schofield, Chatham Office
Bri Grady, Cambridge Office
Vincent D’Olimpio, Osterville Office
Anne Bramhall, Marion Office
Debra Caney, Osterville Office
Kathy Fisher, Osterville Office
Cass Costa, Falmouth Office
Marlene Susienka, Falmouth Office

Think you could qualify?

Membership in the 10 Million Dollar Club is exclusive but certainly not unattainable! If you are an experienced realtor, we would love to talk with you about how Robert Paul can help bring you to the next level. Contact Sales Manager Emily Clark at 508-420-1414 for a confidential discussion.