Top Agent and Team for 2015

#1 Team and Agent at Robert Paul Properties

We are extremely pleased to announce that Vincent D’Olimpio and Kathleen Byrne were the company’s Top Team for 2015, with a sales volume in excess of $31M and that Fran Schofield is the company’s Top Agent for 2015 with a sales volume in excess of $30M.

Top Team D’Olimpio + Byrne

Team Byrne + D'Olimpio

Team Byrne + D’Olimpio

With a focus on luxury sales, Vincent D’Olimpio and Kathleen S. Byrne, who market themselves as Team D’Olimpio + Byrne, work so successfully together that they have once again earned the honor of being Robert Paul’s top team. Accomplished agents in their own right, together they bring over 30 years of industry experience to the practice of buying and selling homes for their clientele.

“Working as a team has been not just a benefit to us, but has worked significantly in favor of our clients,” noted Kathleen. “Not only is there always someone available to help, making us more responsive than a single agent, but it has made us much more efficient and well organized, as we can each now focus on our strengths.”

And the proof is in the numbers. For the third year in a row, Vincent D’Olimpio and Kathleen Byrne are the company’s number one team. Robert Paul Properties Co-CEO Robert Kinlin commented on the associates, “We are very pleased to announce that Vinnie and Kathleen are once again our Top Team. Their contribution to our company and the great group of agents we work with is immeasurable.”

Top Agent Fran Schofield

Fran Schofield

Fran Schofield

An award-winning Realtor, Fran Schofield brings exceptional breadth and depth to her work.
With a high degree of integrity and professionalism, Fran’s approach to real estate is well-honed and personable. Her market knowledge, her energy, and her skillful negotiations are reflected in her loyal clientele and the accolades she’s received from the industry.

“I have had a life-long interest in real estate, and am privileged that I am able to achieve such an honor doing what I love,” noted Fran.

Robert Paul’s Co-CEO Paul Grover commented on the announcement, “With such a strong code of ethics, deep knowledge base, and keen presentation and negotiation skills, Fran has long been a top agent. Now we’re proud to announce she’s the Number One Agent for 2015 among all our offices from Boston to Provincetown, and everything in between.”

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