Tips on Planning Your Vacation for #NationalPlanforVacationDay

As we roll into the new year, its perfect time to plan a new vacation destination with family and friends! Luckily, January 31st is National Plan for Vacation Day. As Winter comes in full swing, we find ourselves dreaming of soaking in the sun and listening to crashing ocean waves.

National Plan for Vacation Day serves as a reminder to plan out those vacation days, so you can have some rest, relaxation, and fun sprinkled into your rigorous yearly work and school schedule. Studies show that the average American leaves about 9 days of vacation time unused per year resulting in almost 600 million overall vacation days wasted across the nation! Taking vacation days reduces stress, anxiety, and burnout. So it’s time to use those vacation days and get your trip to paradise planned!

But where to start? We can help with that. Here are some easy steps to start the vacation planning process:

Solidify how many vacation days you have from work and school.

Contact HR to determine what your vacation days look like. How many do you have? Are they accrued or acquired upfront, etc. For school, look at national holidays, breaks, and school closings to see what weeks coincide.

Share your plans and coordinate calendars.

Look at your year in a birds-eye view comparing
timeframes to the year prior. See if you can plot out important events, busy times at work, or certain activities that will keep you home. Schedule your vacation around those factors. Then, call your friends and family so you can share calendars and coordinate a time together for fun in the sun!

Find your dream vacation using Robert Paul Vacations.

Yes, as Robert Paul Properties, we are known for connecting home buyers and sellers in MA and RI, BUT we also have a large inventory of vacation rentals through Robert Paul Vacations, that helps people from all over experience a Cape Cod Summer. We find and manage beautiful vacation rentals from Buzzards Bay to Provincetown. You can visit to look, book, and work with us to find beaches, restaurants, and experiences to truly make the most of your vacation!

From weekend getaways to weeks in the sun, we can help you find the perfect place to stay. So, let’s kick off the year and celebrate #Nationalplanforvacationday and plan for your next adventure!

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