There’s No Place Like Home

In 1939, a young Judy Garland mesmerized audiences in The Wizard of Oz as a teenager who comes to the realization that “there’s no place like home.” The famous line has been immortalized forever and was recently named one of American Film Institute’s 100 Best Movie Quotes. While the years have changed rapidly since viewers saw Dorothy tap her ruby slippers together, the sentiment has not. In a fast-moving, technologically advanced world, at the end of the day there truly is no place like home. Today, May 1, as we celebrate National New Homebuyers Day we celebrate a cornerstone of American life: the home. 

There’s No Place Like Home

The Wizard of Oz was neither the first nor the last to remind us all that “There’s no place like home.”

In 1822, John Howard Payne’s opera Clari featured a title song, Home Sweet Home!, that ended with, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”

In the 1980’s, sitcom star Marla Gibbs sang the theme song to her new sitcom 227. The song, written by Ray Colcord, was titled (you guessed it) “There’s no place like home.”

In 1986, country music star Randy Travis hit #2 on the Billboard Country charts with his single “No Place Like Home.”

Mary Higgins Clark with RP Agent Chris Altneu

In 2005, novelist Mary Higgins Clark released her latest thriller, “No Place Like Home.” 

Movies. Music. Television. Literature. The mediums of expression have changed and the years have changed, but the belief in the power of one’s home never has. It is a place to rest after a long day’s work, a place where your child takes their first steps, a place to entertain friends for that perfect summer barbecue and a place to call your own.

National New Homebuyer Day

If you are considering becoming a homebuyer, we encourage you to call an experienced Robert Paul agent today who can walk you through the steps and set you on the perfect path to homeownership. After you’ve experienced your home for yourself, you’ll agree with all those who have said it before us – there’s no place like home.