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Market comment from London

Market Comment from London

The events of 2016 are likely to send ripple effects into the coming years, and we can expect Baby Boomers to begin making way for Millennials in what appears to be a major generational shift of attitudes. For how these and other factors will impact real estate, we wanted to share this Market Comment from London courtesy of Nick Churton of Robert Paul Properties’ London office with you…  Continue reading

Comment from London: This Blessed Plot

As the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare is celebrated this year, we want to share this special comment from Nick Churton at Robert Paul Properties’ London office about how the Bard of Avon’s genius extended beyond words to real estate investment…  

“William Shakespeare, who died 400 years ago last month, knew a thing or two about plots. And not just plots for his plays; he also developed an eye for plots of land. Continue reading

Not in the National Interest

Market Comment From London

As the election in the US captures daily headlines, so does Britain’s referendum on European Union membership (or “Brexit” as it’s known) set for June 23rd continues as the their central news item. Obviously both have implications on the housing market, so we share this timely and thoughtful market comment from Nick Churton at Robert Paul Properties’ London office on real estate purchase and sale at a time of national and international uncertainty…  Continue reading