Our 6 Favorite Breakfast Joints in Greater Boston

While the last days of National Breakfast Month are upon us, the fun doesn’t have to end there. Breakfast is meant to be enjoyed year-round! Check out these fabulous restaurants, many recommended by our agents, for our 6 favorite breakfast joints in Greater Boston.

#1 The ParamountThe Paramount

Coming from the same restaurant group that brought you The 21st Amendment and West on Centre, this Beacon Hill hotspot opens at 7am on the weekdays and 8am on the weekends. We lead with this fact, because it is crucially important that you get in line early. We have seen lines stretching a whole block at times during the autumn months. Do yourself a favor and try the Texas French Toast. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Address: 44 Charles Street, Beacon Hill
  • Phone Number:  617-269-9999

#2 Mike’s City Diner

This diner has been a staple of the South End for 17 years. Known for their enormous portions, this local haunt serves up traditional diner food for breakfast and lunch. This establishment was suggested by several Robert Paul agents, and by the looks of it even former President Bill Clinton loves it. If you’re into authentic neighborhood spots, this is the one for you.

  • Address: 1714 Washington Street, South End
  • Phone Number: 617-267-9393

#3 Sarah’s MarketSarah's Market

Sarah’s Market is a combination specialty food store and full-service café. The mini-mart has eclectic offerings ranging from organic foods to craft beers. Prices are nominal and the menu includes delicious breakfast classics such as a lox & bagel sandwich, or an eggs, meat, and home-fries combination. If you’re looking for a low-key, relaxed breakfast experience, Sarah’s Market is your new go-to.

  • Address: 200 Concord Avenue, Cambridge
  • Phone Number: 617-876-5999

#4 Tatte Bakery & CafeTatte Bakery

Tatte can be described as an upscale, fast-casual eatery. Heavily inspired by both French and Israeli cuisine, the breakfast menu is unique among its peers in the neighborhood. Our strong suggestion would be to order the Shakshuka. This North African dish consists of bell peppers & tomatoes topped with poached eggs and feta cheese. Tatte serves this up in a fry-pan with toasted challah bread. There are several locations all around the City, but our favorite is on Broadway. Keep this between you and us, but we’ve even heard rumors of a new location in Washington D.C.

  • Address: 205 Broadway, Cambridge
  • Phone Number: 617.494.8700

#5 Kelly’s Diner

Kelly's Diner

This award winning diner is located in the fast-paced Ball Square neighborhood of Somerville. Untouched by rapid transit, this square has remained hidden from the rest of the city for quite some time. Kelly’s Diner is a traditional 1950’s two-piece dining car. The website notes that it was located in Delaware for 42 years before being rehabilitated and relocated to its current location. The menu is everything you’d want from a diner: eggs, bacon, toast for breakfast and meatloaf, turkey, and grilled steak for lunch.

  • Address: 674 Broadway, Somerville
  • Phone Number: 617-623-8102

#6 SoundbitesSoundbites

Also located in Ball Square, Sound Bites is an eclectic mix of American, Middle Eastern, and other international cuisines. The facade of the restaurant consists of floor to ceiling windows which open to the street during nice weather. The sounds, colors, and flavors of Somerville culminate here, making it perfect place for a Sunday breakfast in early autumn.

  • Address: 704 Broadway, Somerville
  • Phone Number: 617-623-8338

Sneak Peek

Urban HearthUrban Hearth

We are very excited about the opening of Urban Hearth on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. This unique concept aims to serve café breakfast and lunch daily, while hosting private supper club styled dinners in the evening. The menus will be ever-changing and will follow the Slow Food philosophy (basically, stopping your crazy day for a small amount of time to sit back and relax). We are looking forward to rustic baked goods, savory casseroles, tartine, & hand pies. Keep an eye for the opening early in the 2016 autumn season.

  • Address: 2263 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
  • Phone Number: 617.682.7295