On the Move – National Moving Month Tips!

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, starting a family and looking for extra space, or empty nesters looking to downsize, one thing can be said for sure – the process of moving can be overwhelming. We are here to help with giving you some helpful tips so you don’t get buried in the boxes and bubble wrap.

Create a moving checklist

This should be the first step in the moving process. Once the light turns green and you are ready to move, everything can feel rushed, so take some time before the heat starts and gather your thoughts. Every checklist is different based on the person or people moving but some good places to start would be:

  • Create a folder or digital folder as a safe place to store files, moving information, service contacts and more
  • Create a budget for moving expenses
  • Schedule appointments for painters, fixers and moving companies
  • Request time off for moving
  • Host a yard sale
  • Plan how you would move certain items – your car, fragile items, large items

Pack like a pro

Packing is a marathon not a sprint. To make sure your pack things efficiently and effectively, the key is to start early! Take a day to assess the items in your home and jot down how you are going to pack. You can organize by room.

EX: Kitchen

  • Plates and bowls: large box with bubble wrap
  • TV: Dust guard, bubble wrap
  • Spices: Medium Box

Once you get a feel, you’ll be able to appropriately judge the number of supplies you need, the number of trips you will have to take, etc.

When you are in a place to start the actual action of packing, allot a few hours during open times In your schedule to chip away at the packing rather than trying to rush through it all at once.

Book as early as possible

If you think you are going to need outside help from moving services or need renting supplies, make sure that you book as early as you possibly can. When you wait, this could result in paying a higher price or not being able to get the services you need in time for the move. Peak moving season is April – September, so if your move falls within those dates, be extra conscious of solidifying services in advance.

Getting ready for a move comes secondary to actually selling your house and finding your new dream home. That’s why you need an experienced agent to help you in the process. Having the right real estate professional on your side makes all the difference as you are preparing for the next chapter! Whether you are looking to move to Boston, Cape Cod, the South Shore or the South Coast, we have you covered! Find your forever agent today at robertpaul.com/agents.