New Year’s Resolutions for Home Sellers

The New Year is a great time to ponder the year that has been and get re-motivated and set goals for the upcoming one. The New Year brings with it the obligatory resolutions we make for ourselves. This will finally be the year we travel more, quit smoking and actually use our gym membership. Resolutions can, and should be, things we want to improve about ourselves, our lives and, yes, our homes. For those considering listing your home, our agents have listed their best New Year’s Resolutions for Home Sellers.

De-ClutterNew Year's Resolutions for Home Sellers

The first and most important way to prepare a home for sale is to de-clutter. If a potential new owner sees that they can simply move-in to a property they are more excited about the purchase. By neutralizing and de-personalizing the home you open up a buyers mind to possibilities. Your memories have no value to a potential buyer.

Donating anything you have not used or worn in the last 2 years is one suggestion for de-cluttering. It has the added benefit of making your home look more tidy and organized.

Get a Pre-Inspection and Fix RepairsNew Year's Resolutions for Home Sellers

It is in a seller’s best interest to have a pre-inspection and head off any potential problems before you list.  This has the dual benefit of getting things fixed for efficiency and eye appeal.

Some home repair projects that may help: pumping the Title V septic system, having the fireplace swept, and repairing any issue on the exterior of the home. First impression is vital! If a buyer pulls up to the home and notices deferred maintenance, buyers will look for other issues during home inspection and possibly offer a lower price to compensate for repairs.

Stage your homeNew Year's Resolutions for Home Sellers

For an easy way to give your home an updated, modern feel hiring a stager can get you great bang for your buck. The word stager may sound to some sellers like a huge expense but that isn’t always the case. Hiring a stager is one of the best ways to assure a home sells quickly and for the best possible price.

Research your home’s valueNew Year's Resolutions for Home Sellers

The value of your home is more intricate than simply basing off of square footage or the number of bedrooms. Factors that go into the value of your home include the location and neighborhood, age of the home, condition of the home and the market.

We recommend reviewing all records on file at the local town hall, to be sure all of the property info is correct and that the assessed value is realistic.

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