National Dog Month – Our Dog Friends

The Dog Days of August are here and so is National Dog Month. The fun-loving companions that make our life so interesting are being honored this month. Some ways you can celebrate with your dogs are… Taking them on extra-long walks this month. Maybe give in to those puppy eyes and get that toy that they have been wanting. Thinking about getting ice-cream? Get a pup cup for your best friend while you’re at it.

Some other ideas are donating to your local dog shelters for all companions that haven’t found a home yet, or better yet think about adopting a dog this month. Dogs are proven to relive stress and make your life interesting.

In honor of National Dog Month our staff and agents wanted to celebrate by showing off their best friends.

Adam Marks Best friend is Logan.

“Logan is a 6 year old Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix) that likes short walks with food at the end of them, chasing bunnies and barking at the mail lady. He loves to go to the beach and dig himself silly!”

Theresa Fitzpatrick best friend is Pippa Middleton Fitzpatrick.

“Pippa Middleton Fitzpatrick was adopted from Tennessee eight years ago and has brought our family incalculable joy! According to her DNA test, she is part chow chow, boxer, dachshund, Pembroke welsh corgi, Catahoula leopard dog and collie! She loves walks, can roll over for a treat and is a general delight of a dog!”

Michelle Sylvia best friend is Cache.

“Cache is an miniature Australian Shepherd. We named him after Geo Caching which is a family activity we all do. He is loving and playful and very small for his breed. He is 10 pounds.”

Cassy West best friend is Dexter.

“My dog Dexter is a miniature Australian Shepherd (Aussie) who is 7 years old. He’s a amateur frisbee dog, loving to catch his red Kong Frisbee any hour of the day. Our back yard is small but it’s perfect for small games of Catch. Sometimes he does flips and crazy maneuvers only Semone Biles would appreciate. The dog days of August can be too hot for Dexter and he longs for the cooler days of Autumn.”

Conor N. Moynihan best friend is Rudy.

“Rudy can be know as an Instagram famous dog that loves being the center of attention. Rudy is a Golden Doodle that loves to dig in the sand on beach days and to cuddle up at night. You can follow Rudy @itsrudydood.”

Holly Coker best Friend is Howie. 

“He is a mixed breed golden retriever, spaniel and poodle. I picked Him out of the litter because I loved his freckled nose. He’s a little bit hyper and sheds a lot which he wasn’t supposed to, but he’s a loyal friend. Everyone in my family’s name starts with an H so of course we had to name our dog an H name too. He loves taking walks in the cranberry bogs which we do all the time.”

Amy Whiteside best friend is Logan.

“Logan is my 4 year old Black Lab mix. He’s a rescue and enjoys long walks, snuggles and sleeping on his humans’ beds!”

Catherine Baran best friend is Dewey.

“Dewey is almost 8 and is a bully/lab mix.”

Janis Gold best friend is Ruby

“Ruby is a 7 year old Great Dane. She is attached at the hip with my husband, so when he goes somewhere without her, she just sits and waits till he returns.  This day our grandson is trying to tell Ruby that papa will be right back. The kids bought matching pj’s for Papa and Ruby.”

Polly Spence best friend is Gilligan.

“Gilligan is a beagle. He has retired from tree climbing and rock jumping and has regular visits from the chiropractor. His favorite activity is waiting by the back fence for cookies from his friends when they go by. He chases squirrels and bunnies but has not gotten one yet…”

Christine Altneu best friend is Mera.

“Here is one of my favorite photos of my English Cream Golden retriever named Mera. She lives up to her name which means “of the sea”: Her favorite activity is swimming and she’ll swim for as long as we let her.  When we go for walks she tries to pull me toward her favorite beaches and swimming spots and fortunately for her, there are several that we can walk to in East Orleans. She’s 4 and a sweetheart and we’ve had her since she was 10 weeks old. Technically a wash-a-shore as she was born in NH, we don’t tell her that. She thinks she was born at the beach and doesn’t like to stray far from it.”

Mark Washburn best friend is Otis.

“My dog is a 1.5 yr old Flat-coated Retriever named Otis.  He enjoys summers in Wellfleet and especially swimming in Cape Cod Bay and at the ocean beaches.  You can follow the adventures of Otis on Instagram at @i_b_otis.”

Matthew de Groot best friend is Hudson.

“Hudson is a Mini-Aussie-Doodle. He’s 4 years old and loves sailing, running on the beach, and chasing the rabbits and squirrels that dare come into our yard.”

Lesley Little best friends are Rory, Clementine, and Bliss.

“Rory (5 years old) at the top, Clementine (8 years old) is Rory’s Mother, & Bliss’s daughter. Bliss (12 years old) is Clementine’s Mother & Rory’s grandmother. Vizslas are hunting dogs (thus very active) until they wear themselves out & then crash as seen in the photo”

Kelly Marie best friend is Storm.

“He is a 9 year old Dalmatian named Storm. He is full of energy, loves being outside, going for car rides and riding in our Pontoon Boat.”

Brandy Polay best friends are Ruby and Reyou.

“Ruby is a Cairn Terrier and Reyou is from a Korean Rescue and is a mix of Jindo & Basenji (they think). They are very good office assistants/supervisors. :)”

Dana Desnoyers best friend is Henry.

“This is Henry, my 11 year old mini-dachshund. He is 10 lbs of love and as sweet as can be. He is full of personality and talks (think barks!) a lot! He thinks he’s the Office Manager and tells me when he thinks it’s treat o’clock – his favorite time of day!”