Homes of Super Bowl MVP’s Quiz

This Sunday is the day New Englanders prepare for year-round. As Tom Brady and Coach Belichick take the field and attempt to win their fifth Vince Lombardi trophy this century, all eyes will be on Houston, Texas. Brady, a three-time Super Bowl MVP, could potentially take home his fourth honor.  The Super Bowl MVP, awarded since 1967, has gone to some of the biggest names in football. Take our quiz below and test your football knowledge.

Take our quiz combining Super Bowl knowledge with information about the famous homes in which MVP’s live. See the answers at the end (no cheating!)

#1. This MVP is one of only two to win the award in back-to-back years. His home in Oklahoma went on the market in August and was the most expensive listing in the state.

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#2. He is one of only six wide receivers to win the Super Bowl MVP and was named the greatest player in NFL history by NFL network. His California home must be seen to believed!

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#3. The owner of this high-tech Colorado home was the oldest ever Super Bowl MVP at age 38.

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#4. This MVP and former Dancing with the Stars contestant, born in South Korea, listed his Atlanta home for $7.5 million in 2012.

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#5. This Super Bowl MVP sold his Los Angeles mansion for $40 million in 2012. With his wife, Gisele  (ok, now this is a gimme question!) he owns homes own both coasts.

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  1. This back-to-back MVP with the Oklahoma listing is Terry Bradshaw.
  2. The greatest wide receiver in the California home is Jerry Rice
  3. The oldest MVP and owner of the high-tech Colorado home is John Elway
  4. This MVP’s Atlanta home for sale is Hines Ward
  5. If you have to be down here looking for the answer- you should not have taken the quiz. But, just to be nice, the answer is Tom Brady.

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