Homes of the Presidents Quiz

With President’s Day approaching, it is a time to remember and honor all those who have led our country. Through war and prosperity, economic hardship and recovery they have guided the ship of state for over 225 years. All of our presidents have had homes much like the people they lead. Take our Homes of the Presidents quiz to test your knowledge of our founding fathers and where they lived.

Homes of the Presidents Quiz

#1. This president’s library includes more than 1,100 books. Although he never had the money Homes of the Presidents to attend college, he was always a voracious reader. His home in Missouri can be seen ¬†through the National Park Service.

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#2. Our 8th president’s 225-acre New York estate, Lindenwald, has been restored to it’s Homes of the Presidents
appearance during the president’s occupancy.

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#3. You can view the childhood home of this president, born in Brookline, MA. Original artifacts Homes of the Presidents
from the family are still inside the home.

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#4. Nicknamed the “Texas White House” this president was bHomes of the Presidents orn, died and buried at his
ranch. Self-guided tours of the ranch are available.

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#5. Considered the most elegant room in the house, this parlor was used for specHomes of the Presidents ial occasions. This president, an avid hunter, decorated some of the other rooms with stuffed animals and bear rugs.

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#6. This president’s home and plantation could produce an estimated 20,000 pounds of Homes of the Presidents tobacco. Many original buildings still exist and others (including a three-room dwelling believed to have housed slaves) were reconstructed in the 1980’s.

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#7 Arguably the most famous presidential home is his 21-room residence in Virginia. Today,Homes of the Presidents both he and his wife are buried on the grounds and over 1 million people visit the home each year.

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1. Harry Truman was the literary scholar
2. Martin Van Buren lived in the large New York estate
3. John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline
4. Lyndon Johnson owned the LBJ Ranch
5. Teddy Roosevelt owned the home with magnificent parlor
6. James Monroe owned the large plantation
7. George Washingtons home at Mt. Vernon sees over 1M visitors a year.


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