Homes from the Movies Quiz

Homes from the Movies Quiz

Who among us hasn’t wanted to visit the closet where Harry Potter was forced to live? Or throw a paint can against would-be burglars like young Kevin McAllister left Home Alone. Perhaps you’re more the type to seek romance atop a dining room table. No matter what genre of movie you prefer, there is no denying the importance a home can have as its own character in a movie. These 5 homes, all on the market or recently sold, offer movie buffs the chance to own a piece of history. Test your pricing knowledge here by taking our Homes from the Movies quiz.

How good are you at guessing how much these famous movie homes are listed and selling for? Take your best guesses before you see the answers at the end. Grab your pencils… and no cheating.

Harry Potter

The home of Vernon and Petunia Dursley, where Harry lived for 11 years, has just been listed on the market. 25 miles west of London, the 3 BR home does not (unfortunately) come with wizarding powers.
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Sixteen Candles

Homes of the Movies- Sixteen Candles

No dining room table has played a more prominent role in movies then when Samantha and Jake share a cake for her birthday at the conclusion of this rom-com. Now that home could be yours for your own romantic encounter. The 6 BR Colonial in Evanston, Illinois was recently listed for sale.
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Home Alone


It has been 26 years since the Wet Bandits terrorized (well, tried to terrorize) young Macaulay Culkin. The Chicago home, which took a year to sell, sold in 2012. While the outside still looks the same, the inside has been modernized and renovated.
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Silence of the Lambs


The Victorian home where “Buffalo Bill” skinned his victims was apparently too spooky for would-be buyers south of Pittsburgh. After three price reductions, the home was taken off-market. After a final price reduction, the home finally sold.
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After being on the market for nearly a year and a half, the mansion where Al Pacino introduced us to his “little friend” sold for less than the asking price. The 10-acre property in Santa Barbara includes painted and gold-leaf ceilings, tiled rooms, woodwork and carvings, and a unique pool with fountains.
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Quiz Answers: 
1. B. $620,000             Harry’s home is listed for 475,000 pounds ($620,000).
2. C. $1,499,000          The Sixteen Candles home is listed for $1,499,000.
3. D. $1,300,000+       Kevin’s Home Alone house sold for $1,585,000.
4. A. $195,000             Listed for $300,000, The Silence of the Lambs house sold for $195,000.
5. D. $12,300,000       Originally listed for $35,000,000, the Scarface house sold for $12.3 million.