A New Chapter for Historical Properties

Berkshire Hathaway Robert Paul Properties is well known for its place in the luxury real-estate market, delivering high class results for every client. From contemporary waterfront properties to classic city escapes, we have represented just about every type of estate, but one unique sector that we seem to have a niche for are luxury properties that offer historical significance.

New England holds some of the oldest and most historically rich real-estate in the country. With so much history surrounding eastern Massachusetts in particular, we have had the pleasure in introducing these homes to a new chapter of ownership.

32 Old Saltworks Road, Chatham:32 Old Saltworks Road

Before the calm serenity of the beach home location, this land was part of a naval base during the First World War. During the entire course of the war, the base and the entire North American mainland, remained safe against foreign attacks. That all changed on  July 21st, 1918, when German Submarine U-156 surfaced three miles off of the Cape and began firing torpedo missiles and shells at the Perth Amboy, a commercial tugboat, with 32 Americans on board.

Historians believe that the attack was intended to stay on the water, the primary intention to sink the tugboat and and barges in the area, however, as the 90-minute bombardment ensued, torpedoes and shells both fell upon what we now know as Nauset Beach. The waters surrounding Cape Cod were no stranger to the actions of war as the Germans had recently sunk ships off the Island of Nantucket, however, this incident was the first to involve American soil and known as the “Attack on Orleans”.

The 2 bedroom, 1 bath waterfront home on this historic site, was sold in 2021 for $3,000,000.

18 South Main Street, Carver: 18 South Main Street

This quintessential Gothic Country Estate was built in 1852 in the historic area of Carver, MA. The original cottage on the property was owned William Savery, a well-known businessman who spent most of his time engaged in the iron and lumber trade. One of Savery’s true passions of the time was bettering his native town’s infrastructure and community roads.

Among the projects of most significance, he is remembered for idealizing and constructing the first divided highway in 1861, now known as Savery’s Avenue Conservation Land. This historic landmark is only minutes away from the WM Savery Estate, where he and his family resided for a number of years on the northerly shore of Sampson’s Pond.

This property presents a glimpse into its history with its Gothic Country features and historic plaque. This beautiful home was sold in 2021 for $2,700,000.

7 Wolf Island Road, Mattapoisett:7 Wolf Island Road

This unique property inhabits nearly 18 acres near the shores of Buzzards Bay. This land used to be occupied by Axe Handle Bolle’s Mill. This is where well-known blacksmith and inventor Ellis “Ax-Handle” Bolles, spent years discovering and developing new pieces of masonry tools and handles for objects such as hammers, hatchets, sledgehammers, axes and wheel spokes. You can still find his forge, and tracer lathe that was originally powered by waterwheel and numerous other findings from the property at the Mattapoisett Museum.

The current Craftsman Style home that resides on this historical property was sold in 2020 for $878,275.

2 Commonwealth Ave, Boston:2 Commonwealth Ave

This building was the largest and most luxurious building on Boston’s popular Newbury Street. The owner of the building, Ed Wyner originally had plans to create an apartment building, called the Mayflower – but instead turned his sights to a 300-room hotel, The Ritz Carlton Boston.

In the early 1980’s the “Old Ritz” was converted into The Carlton House with over 50 luxury residences connected to the Newbury Hotel. The beautiful Penthouse #2 and Unit 16E has over 3,500 sq. ft. of living space and breathtaking Back Bay views from every room. This property sold for $15,000,000 in October of 2021.

Scallop Path, Osterville:

Bunny Mellon Estate Oyster Harbors

The Scallop Path estate was owned by Rachel “Bunny” Mellon – famous arts enthusiast, horticulturalist and well-known political socialite. She was recognized for her visionary design of the White House’s Rose Garden and for her relationships with high profile public figures, such as Jackie Kennedy.

The celebrated Bunny Mellon gained ownership of the 7.5 acre, Oyster Harbors, estate in the 1970s as a vacation oasis that her and her family could enjoy. Upon her Bunny’s death in 2014, the property remained in the family for decades and was last owned by her grandson Thomas Lloyd until the family decided to sell in July 2021. The 9-bedroom, 7.5 bathroom, property  officially sold in October 2021, for $18,000,000.

312 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA:312 Commercial Street

If you have been to Cape Cod’s most northern tip – Provincetown, then you have most likely have seen the large and populated building of 312 Commercial Street. In the 1930s, grocer chain, First National Stores occupied the space, and remained 26 years, becoming a local landmark.

During the interim of 1930-1960 the building housed numerous restaurants, food shops and more, until finally becoming the Chef’s Restaurant where ownership created and maintained the famous ambiance of the traditional nautical décor – making it a prime social spot for locals and tourists alike.

In 1960 the hot spot was renamed “The Governor Bradford”, keeping this name for more than 5 decades. This property was offered at $7,500,000 and is now under agreement.