Featured Property: 3730 Main Street, Barnstable Village

This weekend, Robert Paul Properties Barnstable office is hosting our First Annual Doggie Day Afternoon. This got us to thinking about the beauty and charm of Barnstable Village.  Situated along Old King’s Highway, Barnstable Village retains a classic Cape Cod feel.  From the arts, the harbor and charming local restaurants this village offers something for everyone, including this week’s featured property.

3730 Main St, Barnstable Village

Owned by abolitionist Captain Alvin Howes 3730 Main St is a beautifully renovated property that has a rich history as a part of the underground railroad.  Drink in the glories of the past or celebrate the future on the spacious deck amid the alluring gardens and lush grounds.  Stroll the sidewalks through humming Barnstable village and enjoy a true Cape Cod experience.

After enjoying a long day of the wonders of Barnstable Village step inside your new home and marvel.  Bask in the timeless bright living room and lounge in all the comforts an elegant design provides.  In the summer enjoy the room’s comforting milieu and in the winter, its warmth as you read a book in front of the fireplace.

Lovely kitchens and dining rooms are essential part of every home and what you find in this home will amaze you.  Cook delicious meals in a new kitchen and bring them right out to the deck and enjoy the sunrise or sunset.  Or, if you prefer, your new dining room is perfect for elegant parties or family dinners with another fireplace adding to the ambiance.

3730 Main

When the day is done rest your weary brow in the luxurious master bedroom.  Featuring a full bath and dressing room, experience a truly divine end to a long day of enjoyment.  You’ll embrace history and comfort, if you make this home, your home.

You can learn more about this incredible property by calling Terrie Reilly at 508.776.6182