Could you afford your favorite homes from TV?

We all grew up watching our favorite TV families and the large, de-cluttered, manicured homes in which they lived. Many of those homes (at least the exteriors) are actual homes that still exist to this day. Could you afford to live in your favorite homes from TV? 

Homes from TV

#1. The Tanner’s Full House

homes from tv

Few TV homes housed as many people as the Tanner’s San Francisco home on Full House. With all those people under one roof, we have to wonder how they all managed to get along week after week.

The home, located in San Francisco, went on the market for $4.15 million in May of last year. Owners of the home have resented living in a tourist magnet and not allowed filming inside since 1987.

This opened the door, literally, for Full House creator Jeff Franklin who swept in to purchase the home for around $4 million.

#2. The Fresh Prince’s Bel Air Mansion

homes from tv

Will Smith’s character experiences culture shock when he moves in with Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Their Bel Air mansion, which is actually located in Brentwood, clashed with his working-class background. The actual home, built in 1937, has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and is over 6,400 sq. ft. The home has had the same owner since 1978 and is estimated at over $2.6 million dollars. Looks like Uncle Phil made quite a pretty penny as a judge!

#3. Southfork Ranch

homes from tv

In 1978, producers chose a North Texas Ranch to film a miniseries known as Dallas. The original owner of the ranch and his family were still living at Southfork Ranch as the filming began. Envisioned as a five-episode series, the show ran for 13 seasons.

Today, known as the “World’s most famous Ranch,” Southfork is a premier special events venue and meeting destination in the Dallas Area. With 63,000 square feet of event space, each year they host hundreds of events including weddings, reunions, holiday parties, corporate meetings, concerts and more. Stop by for a tour of the facilities.

#4. The Brady Bunch home

homes from tv

Arguably America’s most famous TV family, The Brady’s, lived in this 5 bedroom North Hollywood home. The home has not changed hands since 1973, the year before the show went off the air, when it sold for $61,000.

Estimates for the home now put it at $1.2M. And the home comes with the peace of knowing that you can use the bathroom without having to wait all day for Marcia to finish brushing her hair.


#5. Steve Urkel not includedhomes from tv

The most affordable home here is next door to America’s most obnoxious neighbor (well, not really.) In Chicago, Illinois, this Family Matters home recently sold last December for $798,000.


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